Multi purpose projects

There are two Goodwill nearby where I live.
One I ride my bicycle, the other one is walking distance an outlet store.
I bought many bicycle clothing from PORTLAND SUPERSTORE at 1943 SE Sixth Avenue. Mainly because bicycle clothes are very expensive and I do not prefer paying top dollar for something that I will wear to get dirty, sweaty on it.I do not mind getting second hand. In many times, I found brand new jerseys, tights within $5-10 price range. So I like that.
I often walk to outlet store to buy flower pots for my garden, sometimes books or jars, ribbons, toys for my photo & craft projects. In Goodwill outlet stores you can buy clothes, household goods and more by the pound.
I bought last week a nice pants from Goodwill to wear in my garden as short. First thing I do, cut the legs off and hem them. But flowery material was cute, I could not throw away. I kept those pieces in order to use somehow for a project. On Sunday I had free time. I wanted to make ebook reader cover.
ebook cover
I read my Nook every night. I take it with me wherever I travel. Even for a short trips. I wanted to have a soft cover to protect the screen. I looked at on several stores, they were charging between $20-$50 for a cover. I though that was a ridiculous amount. Especially if you think about it, the device cost you $99 only. I wonder for a cover who pays 40 or 50? Not me. I sat down and I made my own cover within 15 minutes.
It looks pretty and functional!