Navigation Menu Tips

WordPress website Navigation Menu tips

The main differences between creating pages vs post articles are where they would display on the site. When you create a page whatever you called the name of the page will show up under navigation menu.
Keep your navigation menu names are shorter, that means pages name should be one word or two short words. If you use a too long name, then it will not fit properly in the navigation manu area as buttons.


The way you create, edit Pages and Post articles are identical. However where they will display and how to use them in the site are different.
Pages act like more static information, such as contact us page or about us page. They do not need to be change all the time. That is why they are design as main navigation menu buttons. Versus to post articles are more dynamic, you can give long name, long titles, and create as much as you want. They will appear under categories rather than top (or sidebar, footer) navigation menu area.

You can create Custom Menu and give any name your want to it.
To create a custom navigation menu, type in a name for it (do not worry, only you will see this) and click Create Menu.


This is how they will appear in the Appearance -> Menus admin screen.

A WordPress website top navigation menu look:
Anytime you create a page, as default the page name will show under the list of pages/menus.
You can change the menu order as you wish.
To make it drop down in your menu, move the name of the link (just drag it) to the right.

When you drag and drop the items up and down you will be able to change the order of menu items. If you drag and drop the items to the left and right (as shown below) you will be creating sub-menu items.

navigation menu

If you are using a theme that supports the Custom Menus feature, you can customize your navigation menu. To do so click on Appearance, then Menus on your left sidebar. This allows you to:

Change the order of pages
Nest pages to create sub-menus

You can also Display posts on multiple pages by creating category pages
You can give a label to your custom links to your navigation menu

detail menu

To delete a menu item from your navigation, click on the menu where it is written Page tiny triangle which will bring a drop down options, and click there to remove. After removing the item, click on blue update button. Once you save the changes your navigation menu will be updated.
save menu