Back in Izmir

My third trip to Turkey, and to Izmir, the first one without Nur. I feels  strange. I feels familiar. Nadiye met me at Izban station and when to her home.

Some legal stuff in the morning, then walked to the bay and sat to think. A voice said hope on a dolmus and go ‘home.’  I walked back and got the keys, took my 2.5 TL and went to stand in the street to hop on the minibus to Bornova, I looked out the window and watch the familiar and exotic scene. I saw the grocery store and knew it was my stop. I walked the 100 meters to Nur’s home, our home.

Should this be my home?

Will I be the last American to move to Turkey? I find so many friends and family it seems strange not to be here. Nur and I were going to travel more. Without her there is not as much of US to be seen. Once I have seen Yellowstone and Denali I’m done with north america.

Turkey has the challenge of being a new language and culture I have the gift of now being 1/2 into this world, I feels like a opening up of self ,to get out and see something new.  I wonder if I’m doing just what Nur did when Steve died? Leave the country. Only this time I’m going the other way.

So I’m trying this living in Turkey for a bit, Istanbul was great fun, but is so big. Izmir is easy for me to manage on my own. Airport Metro, izban, buses, dolmas , bike run — I’m fully mobile. The market, bakal , and restaurants all are within my capability. Basic communication is ok, Now can I navigate more difficult conversations and get to a point of have meaningful  dialog?

How does this compare with living in america, staying in Portland?

I know living it Turkey for a few years would be a much better story to tell.


Good food Good Stories

Thanks to every who came by and send cards, flowers food , called emailed, face timed..

I’ll post a few pictures here as time permits.

We are now on our way to Athens,

Year before last I ran the Athens marathon and dedicated to Nur’s battle against cancer.

While she seem to have been cancer the chemo many have done her in.

So this year the group is running in her memory.

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