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The Heart Of Steel
Frankfurt Airport

The Wrecked by Moniru Ravanipur ( Persian ) The Heart Of Steel ( Persian ) Nazli ( Persian ) The Woman of Frankfurt Airport ( Persian ) Siria Siria ( Persian )

Dog and Long Winter
Dog and long winter
Trial Offers
Men From
Tea Ceremony
On the Wings
The Simple
Prison Memoir
  • The Dog and The Long Winter by Shahrnush Parsipur ( Persian )
  • The Dog and The Long Winter by Shahrnush Parsipur ( English )
  • Women Without Men by Shahrnush Parsipur ( English )
  • Touba by Shahrnush Parsipur ( Persian )
  • Prison Memoir by Shahrnush Parsipur ( Persian )
  • Asieh Between Two World by Shahrnush Parsipur ( Persian )
  • On the Wings of Wind by Shahrnush Parsipur ( Persian )
  • The Simple and Small Adventures of the Spirit of Tree by Shahrnush Parsipur ( Persian )
  • Tea Ceremony in the Presence of the Wolf by Shahrnush Parsipur ( English )

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