P tag problems in WordPress

WordPress is great free software in order to create websites and easly update by the users. However like any other softwares it has it’s own limitations.

Normally you would use <p> tag in order to make a new paragraph. However WordPress ignores <p> tags and <br> tags in most cases.

If you write about this problem in any search engine like this:
Why WordPress <p></p> and <br /> tags does not work properly in  in posts and pages? You will find some links, discussing about this issue.

CSS often does not fix the problem, I have tried. However sometimes </br> tag is fixing the issue.

Use this tag at the end of your sentence </br>

So if you want space between two paragraph you can use </br> tag to give a space.

Or you might try creating a CSS class for that particular paragraph/sentence:

.red {
color: #800000;
letter-spacing: 1px;
font-weight: bold;
margin-bottom: 22px;

and implement to the sentence like this:

<p class=”red”>Big red sentence</span>