Perseid Meteor Shower with clouds

I was eager to see Perseid Meteor Shower.
In Sellwood we went to a parking area, hoping to see some stars.
Moon was bright. And there was a lot of clouds. Needless to say not able to see any meteor shower. I tested my Sony alpha a65 Bulb setting with remote shutter. The result is I should get wireless remote control with timer on it! After a minute or so my hand was getting tired of holding remote control button.

Red flash light was handy to look at my camera parts. However I think forehead flash light would be much better, since I keep holding lenses, remote control cable in my hands.
Not much of meteor shower but it was good practice to do 15, 30, 60 seconds exposure.
We have checked several times before hitting the road dark sky chart. Clouds were all over Portland sky!
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