Photo editors for MAC users


ImageWell, a simple and lean image editor. ShutterBug, easy, powerful website creation.
DataLore, a file finding utility.
Lean products for Mac OS X.

website: ImageWell


ResizeIt allows you to change the size of multiple images simultaneously. It can also convert file formats at the same time. It supports multi core and processes multiple images very fast.

website: ResizeIt

Photo Sense Lite
Photo Sense Lite By VeprIT. Easy Photo Enhancement Software for Mac. Photo Sense Lite is designed to make your photographs more attractive quickly and easily, without spending a lot of time and money on learning, purchasing, and using professional photo manipulation software.

website: Photosense Lite

Xee is a lightweight, fast and convenient image viewer and browser. It is designed to be a serious tool for image viewing and management, with a sleek and powerful interface.

Xee is useful as a more powerful replacement for Preview, or most any other image viewer available on Mac OS X. It is very fast, and uses less memory than most other image viewing tools. It also uses OpenGL to display and scroll images much more smoothly than other viewers. Its interface is highly streamlined and has easily configurable keyboard shortcuts.

website: Xee

Just Looking
JustLooking, is an image viewing program for Mac OS X. JustLooking is designed to be used instead of the “Preview” application on your computer for browsing most image file formats.

website: Just Looking

Image Tricks
Image Tricks is a freeware application for editing your photos and images using Mac OS X Core Image filters and Quartz Compositions that unimaginably transform your photos. This program also contains a powerful random image generator for creating unique backgrounds and abstract images for business cards, web design, print materials and more.

website: Image Tricks


Flare is a fast, easy, and beautiful darkroom for your Mac.
With Flare, you can apply photographic effects to your photos, then save them to your Mac, upload them to Flickr, or send them in an email. Flare comes with over twenty presets that create different kinds of effects, but if the preset you’re looking for doesn’t exist yet, you can tinker with the presets or even build your own from scratch.

website: Flare

Funtastic Photos
Simple Photo Editing
Do you want to fix some less than perfect photos? Frame a great picture? Add a funny caption to an image? Make a great photo, a superb piece of art? Yeah, so do we! With Funtastic Photos you can do these things and more with your pictures.

Over 60 1-Click Styles await, making it a cinch to frame a picture, fix a not so stella image, intensify a great photo, confess your love (romantic effects), travel back in time (vintage photography), fake the HDR look or turn a photo into a pencil illustration or painting.

Underneath the 1-Click Styles, we have a powerful and flexible effects engine. There’s more than 40 effects, which can be manually adjusted. They’re all grouped in one location and can be changed on the fly. You can even use the effects to build your own custom 1-Click Styles or modify existing styles.

website: Funtastic Photos

Photo Styler
PhotoStyler is the easiest way to style your digital photos with your Mac. This simple, fast and accurate native solution combines the powers of Apple’s core technologies with the flexibility and efficiency of proprietary application-specific modules. PhotoStyler supports all image formats that are supported by MacOS including RAW images, it uses your GPU to process the photos wherever possible, and it turns photo styling work into fun. Once you’ve used PhotoStyler to style your first photo you’ll appreciate the speed with which you’re able to achieve results you’ll love.

website: Photo Styler

Easy Crop
To illustrate the power of EasyCrop, consider the following scenario.

You wish to crop and scale down a photo to send in an email, and you want the file size to be under 50 KB. With a full-featured graphics application.

website: Easy Crop

GIMP is a versatile graphics manipulation package. This page should help you get a taste of what GIMP is capable of. You can also have a look at the introduction page or browse through the tutorials.
Read features here:

website: GIMP

Seashore is an open source image editor for Mac OS X’s Cocoa framework. It features gradients, textures and anti-aliasing for both text and brush strokes. It supports multiple layers and alpha channel editing. It is based around the GIMP’s technology and uses the same native file format.
However, unlike the GIMP, Seashore aims to serve the basic image editing needs of most computer users, not to provide a replacement for professional image editing products. Also, unlike GIMP, Seashore has an all-new Cocoa UI that will fit right in on Mac OS X.

website: Seashore

PhotoStudio 6
A powerful image editing application to enhance, manage, and print your digital photos. Fully supports Raw photo, 48-bit image and large photos.

website: PhotoStudio 6