Phrases, Expressions and more

Don’t you love some American English expressions?
I do, once I learned the meaning I started to use often. Here is a short list.
I am all ears.
Play it by ear?

Some colloquial descriptions explain the situation very clearly in a few words.

Such as you miss the boat.

I always compare English sayings ( colloquial  or slang ) with similar Turkish ones.

You miss the boat / Treni kaçırdın

She has a big mouth. / Onun çenesi düşük

( meaning: talking too much)

You do not have to be couch potato / Köşe yastığı olmak zorunda değilsin

( meaning: English lazy person/ Turkish iş yapmayan, çalışmayan / similarly not a working person opposite to hard working )

He has balls! / Taşaklı adam!

( even though meant to be testicles, it also carries a meaning of being bold )

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should / yapabilirsin demek, yapmalısın anlamına gelmez

He looks high to me. / Adam uçmuş gibi.

( meaning: he is drunk or intoxicated of drugs )

I am a pack rat!

( meaning: a person who collects anything even they might be not useful , it is a metaphor )

He is an evangelical! / O bir badem bıyık!

(meaning: A person who is very religious / direct translation for Turkish term: He has almond shape mustache , it means he is Islamist! Perhaps even at the verge of radical)

He is a red neck!

( meaning:  a person who is uneducated,  conservative  and working class)

He is a horny dog.  / Adam abazan.

He is a bastard! Piç!
( meaning: illegitimate in birth )

He is light in the loafers. / Adam yumuşak.

( meaning: he is gay)

He is a fellow traveler. /

(meaning: he is communist)

I wonder if there is certain character descriptions in English similar to Turkish?
Slang = argo examples:

Maganda : Görgüsüz, kaba, anlayışsız, terbiyesiz ve uyumsuz kimse.
Zonta : Görgüsüz, kaba saba kimseye verilen ad.
Kıro: Eskiden Güneydoğu tarafından gelen insanlar bu kelime ile aşşağılanırken, zaman içerisinde kıroluk bir davranış biçimi olarak nitelendirilir hale gelmiştir. Yani kıroluk görgüsüz kişilere verilen bir ad olmuştur.

(Maganda, zonta or kıro have similar meanings; a person who is rude, intolerance to others, shameless, sometimes it means uneducated person)