Portland is a Marathon City

It is raining in Portland this morning. Today is the 40th Portland Marathon. http://www.portlandmarathon.org/
The marathon started at 7:00 A.M. for all runners and walkers this morning. And it is raining now. As usual in Portland. However it is a good rain, it is light, it will cool them off. Not the style of raining cats and dogs. If you live in here, you have to get used wetness of the city. It can be at least 6 or more months grey and rainy. Portland is green. It is so green some areas that when you look up for sky, you will see tall trees covered entire area that barely you can spot some grayish blue sky. Everyone loves Portland in summer. But rest of the time, it is another story. If you do not like rain, just do not move this city, period. If you are lucky person who can travel quite a bit, then make adjustments in your life; travel during winter, fall even a bit of spring time. Therefore you can handle rain season here.That is what I do. I make short trips, sometimes even long. So I can handle non stop raining in weeks. I need sunshine, so I go where the sun is.
As a photographer learning to take a decent photo under the rain is a serious challenge. You have to know how to protect your gears, that is first. Then learn to read clouds and weather reports. Not every cloud is same, just like not every rain is similar. Some are very harsh, if it is raining like someone throwing bucket of water above you, do not bother much taking good photos. Most probably scenario you will get wet, your gears will get wet, your photos will be grey and too many rain drop marks on them. If you still insist trying, sure go ahead. I’ll just wait inside, somewhere dry.

Every year in October marathon runners comes to this city. A month early all the street polls carry Portland marathon banners.People talk about it, before the marathon spring water corridor trail often gets more crowded with runners. A few days before you will see a lot of marathon runner t-shirts and sweaters before on people almost like a uniform. A day before the marathon, you will see portable toilets takes the place as well as large tents for musicians. Running is a big business in the city. For runners it locates less than every 2 miles, approximately 19 aid stations where feature water and replacement drinks. The event attracts a lot of people, runners and their friends. You can pick your strength level for the run. You can run Portland Marathon 26.2 mile, half-Marathon, 10K, 5 Miler, Race Walk, Wheelchairs or 2M Kids’ Run. The marathon is fairly well organized. At the end there is a great finish area with lots of food options.

Rob is running his 8th marathon. He will be wet and happy at the end.
Living with a marathoner is interesting. He goes running regularly, so I have my free time. It just one thing hard that; to keep up with his distorted “let’s take a walk” suggestions. He would say “oh not far, let’s walk to that place. Where ever you are walking, we walk, walk, walk, by the time we got back home, I am exhausted. I would say, “you told me it was not far”. He would smile and say: “it’s not, it’s only 8 miles”.
Wait a minute. I am not runner. I would not possible run 26.2 miles ( about 42 km ) even if entire Ottoman army was chasing me. He is not trying to fool me or being mean. He just do not have a correct concept of distance. So usually I end up with sore feet.

I must say I admire their strength. I like walking but running is just beyond me. I like hiking. I do not going fast though, neither for walking, hiking nor bicycling. I will take my time, enjoy the scenery. I like riding bicycle, Portland is heaven for cyclists. It has fantastic bike paths, trails all over the city. But let me remind you again, it also rains a lot. So a few years ago I end up buying exercise bicycle for endless rainy days.
However I learned from Rob to go outside under nice clouds. You can watch the radar, find 30 minutes or one hour sunny time, no rain, just grab your coat, go chase the sunshine.
He is very good at reading the radar by now. He goes running in week day 5k or 10k, longer for weekends. I grab my camera, take photos of wet street flowers, buildings, wet streets.
I also discovered fog in the morning gives fantastic view to Willamette river. You can have mythic look of bridges on the river. Today is the runners photo day. I will go take photos of them under my huge umbrella.