Living in Portland

I live in a high-rise condo. There are more than 150 flats in the building. I do not know how many people live in these flats, but I could say many people. Today when I was checking my mailbox, somebody asked me if I was lived here, in this building. I was a bit surprised to hear that question. Actually it was the first time I ever heard anybody ask me where was I living. I told the gentleman “yes, I was indeed living here”. Then he asked me “how long I had lived” here. At that moment I was curious if he was a survey person or not. He did not look like it. He was an older man, well dressed. There was another man next to him, who had many papers and some files in his hands. The old man told me he was interested in buying an apartment in this building, and if he could ask some questions about the building. I said “sure, ask anything.” Before he asked me any question I asked the other gentelman if he was living here or not? The man who seemed in his 50’s said “I don’t live here. I am a realtor”.

The old man asked if this building was secure. If it was noisy, did I hear any noisy from neighbors. How was the pool, etc. It was a bit like friendly chit chat. I told him, I was one of the early buyers in this building. I knew the building from the re-construction state to this day. I was happy to inform him of the details about the building, planning, interior design and structure. At some point I was telling him, “what is the point having a small pool for 3 high rise buildings shared community area in Portland?” I mean this is Portland, it rains a lot. With the amount of the grey and cloudy days, on top of the rain make one look up on the map, to find where is the nearest sunny spot. Let me fly there as quickly as possible.

People often come here in the summer time, they love it, they adore Portland. It is green, it is clean, and it has a fairly decent public transportation system by American standards. It has a lot of restaurants (some good), nice rivers, (Willamette and Columbia), tall tress and lush greenry everywhere.
If you are an optimist you can look at the glass from the full side; Portland is a fantastic city to live in. If you are pessimist; it’s a small, rainy city. For me Portland has pluses and minuses. Let me tell you, you will not have any water problems here!
Winter time, you have to be glued to your umbrella or your raincoat. You have to get used to gray weather. There are not many storms, nor hurricane. Actually I have never seen hurricane in Portland last 10 years. But grayness of the weather, the amount of the rain can drive you crazy after a certain point. It seems to rain 8 months straight. At that time, you appreciate PDX Airport! The positive side of Portland, you can fly to many places during the winter. I know people who moved to Portland in the summer time.
I always ask them, “Why did you move here?. Do you like rain?” People have romantic ideas about rain. “Oh I love the rain” they say usually. Really? Unless you are a moss, no one in my world can love rain that much.
Then after one winter I see these people booking their flights for the sunny climate. It’s just not fun to see 3 weeks of non stop pouring rain. There is nothing romantic about it. Just like living in a hot place, with summer time average temperature 115F. It’s not great to live in a sauna also. However we all learn dealing with extreme conditions. My coping with Portland, I travel as much as I can. That breaks the rain cycle. I can handle living in a wet city, as long as I see some sunshine.
So for me, having an open swimming pool in a such a rainy, moody weather place a bit strange. There is not much sun here nor heat. I mean right now entire USA is having a heat waves, except in Portland. Let me compare today in Portland weather: gray, overcast, cloudy, 66°F and in Dallas 92°F. Toronto Canada was 97°F.

When I made my comment about the pool, the realtor was eager the leave. He sensed I was the endanger for his prospect sale. He began to pull the old man, as if they were very busy, and push him to the elevator. He did not wanted to hear any more details about the building from me. Surely I could understand his fear.
What I could not understand is why the old man followed his directions? If any realtor tried to stop me from asking information about any building from a person who lives in that building, I would simply not to do any business with him. Not a chance.

This is the information era. Sooner or later if you look for it, you will find the information, that you are looking for. Sometimes you have to dig through it, but you still can reach it, if you are persistent enough.
When I came home, I told what happened to Rob. I also told him, I was surprised that old man did not understand what the realtor was doing. The realtor was stopping him from reaching insightful information, more than what the advertisement brochures say. I thought with age, maturity comes, after making so many mistakes in life, we learn our lessons. Rob laughed at my statement. He thinks that I listened to my mom’s propaganda too much. “Respect your elders, they are wiser than youth”. So was that was a wishful thinking then? By getting older does not mean necessarily getting wiser? Is that so? Maybe he is right. Maybe some people only getting old. I still hope that they may learn from mistakes.