Portland Marathon 2012

Today is a big day for Portland Marathon runners. It is not raining, what a great day to run.
Rob is running half marathon this year.
He got up 5:30 am in the morning, while it was pitch black outside. Got ready for the big event.

early in the morning

He wore his old running shoes, short and athlete, eat light breakfast then off. I went to take photos of him when he was running. Like I have been doing last 8 years. At 7.20 am I was waiting for him in 2 miles milestone area. He is a dedicated runner. I admire him for his strength.

The Portland Marathon is an annual marathon sporting event held in the city of Portland, Oregon. Since 1973 Portland marathon has been held every year generally in October.

half marathon

To follow a runner LIVE while they are on the Portland Marathon Course Click Here

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Full Marathoners  Check Here

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Full and Half Marathon Course Map – View Below
Detailed Full and Half Marathon Course Map (PDF)

Marathon day

Lots of runners pass by in the streets of Portland today with excitements, if you are around , go outside cheer them up Portlanders!


and the winner Christopher Kovalchick is Portland Marathon
Portland Oregon
21.5 miles: 2.13 Pace: 6.20

runner of the day

Rob made his first half marathon this year. Happy to see him with his new shirt!

He is my winner!