Reaching External Drive 4TB

Nothing like going to visit Fry’s on weekends.
I sure love their sale items. I was thinking to purchase larger ( 3TB or bigger ) external drive, but it was still pricey. Not this Saturday though, Fry’s had on sale 4 TB External disc for $237.49. Finally that was affordable for me. I have many photos, I go through a lot of external drives, and USB no longer fast enough, especially when I am working on large photos. I almost filled up my 2 TB Iomega, I needed bigger storage. If you are a photographer, you go through external disc pretty quickly. I think 4 TB will do good for me, at least for a while. At last I can compare the speed of USB vs Firewire 800.
For just my curiousity I benchmark it before I start using it.
I use for that. The result is 75.85.
Previously I was using Iomega 1 TB, Firewire 400, the benchmark was 40.3 and another 1 TB external disc.
Seagate firewire 800, 1 TB the benchmark was 58.
My internal disc ( iMac ) 76. I would say that is pretty good.
I think I will see less and less spinning of death waiting period.
I must say I am so impressed with my MacBook Air benchmark result was 219.77!
That is the difference of solid state drive.

Hitachi Duo Pro Drive Quad Interface 4.0TB External Hard Drive
Hitachi Duo Pro Drive™ Dual-drive storage and backup with up to 6X the speed of USB 2.0.
Massive storage space with premium backup and plug n’ play, worry-free operation.
Features two 2TB drives and eSATA/USB1.1&2.0/Firewire400&800 interfaces.
7200RPM, Quad Interface (eSATA, FireWire 800, FireWire 400, USBA)

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Pros: Well built, fast external hard drive, works well with MAC.
Cons: Noisy. It is loud when it is working. But if you have a closet to hide, then fantastic bargain!