Relativity explanation between Albert Einstein and Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe explains relativity to Albert Einstein

Michael Emil plays “The Professor” and Theresa Russell plays “The Actress” in this scene from Nicolas Roeg’s “Insignificance.”

Four 1950s icons meet in the same hotel room and two of them discover more in common between them than they ever anticipated. The film is set in 1954, with most of the action taking place in a hotel room in New York City. The action revolves around the interplay of four characters who represent iconic figures of the era, Marilyn Monroe, Joseph McCarthy, Joe DiMaggio and Albert Einstein called The Actress, The Senator, The Ballplayer, and The Professor, respectively.

Insignificance (1985)
Director: Nicolas Roeg
Writer: Terry Johnson
Stars: Gary Busey, Tony Curtis and Theresa Russell