Resize and add watermark to photos

You should resize your photos before uploading your website, blog, or other online networking sites such as Google Plus, Facebook, etc.
If you take photos with your compact point and shoot camera or DSLR , your photo file size will be quite large. You do not need to upload original size of your images. It takes longer to load to the page, you also do not need to share your original images with the virtual world. Keep the original large photos to yourself and share on the web smaller file image copy of your images. You can compress and save as JPEG at 72dpi all your image files for the web. It will load faster, it will not keep too much space on your website server, therefore you do not need to pay for larger hosting space. Usually you do not need to display larger than 950px with images on the website, on your WordPress blog, unless you are a photographer or visual artist. Keep in mind most point and shoot cameras original images come as default 180dpi, and most DSLR camera photos come with 300/350 dpi image jpg files. This means images are high quality and ready for print. Not so ideal for viewing on the web though. You need to reduce the dpi 72 for web viewing. Once you reduce the image files, they will be upload and download much quicker on the web.

How to add watermarks to your photos using Picasa?

You can help protect your images by adding a watermark to your photos. A watermark in Picasa is white text that’s added to the lower-right corner of photos during the export or upload process. To add a watermark to a photo, please use the following steps:

During export
Select the photos you’d like to export.
Click the Export button in the Photo Tray.
Select the ‘Add a watermark’ checkbox.
In the watermark box, enter your watermark text.
Click OK. Your photos will be exported with your watermark in place.


While uploading
Before you upload, click Tools > Options (Windows) or Picasa > Preferences (Mac).
Select the Picasa Web Albums or Google+ Photos tab.
Select the ‘Add a watermark for all uploads’ checkbox.
In the watermark box, enter your watermark text.
Click OK. All uploaded photos will possess your chosen watermark.

Note that Picasa does not make changes to your original photo file. Exporting and uploading pictures with edits or watermarks applied creates an edited JPG copy of the original photo.

MAC Picasa view
MAC Picasa view