Sharing Video Online

Do you have a video and you like to share online?
You may not prefer uploading the large size video from your website, or blog due to limited hosting plan you might have.
Also creating streaming video might be difficult task for beginner video makers.
There are alternative solutions for it.

Share your videos with friends, family, and the world.
Standard users can upload up to 15 minutes videos. However you will be able to upload longer videos if you don’t violate any of the site’s rules, and have Google+ account using your real name/ID. More info about video size limit read here:
Ability to upload large files, of up to 20GB in size

This is the most common method; you upload your video to YouTube and share the link with others. You can embed the video into your website, blog fairly easy too. The only problem you might run into some countries blocks YouTube. If you cannot reach YouTube using, your Web host may be blocking access to it.

2. Google+ Video Uploader
You can upload video to Google Plus account and share publicly. Google+ users get unlimited video uploads (up to 15 minutes per video, up to 1080p).

However Google bought YouTube in 2006. If there is a YouTube blocks whatever the country you are trying to reach, your Google video will not be display in that country. Internet censorship in countries like China, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey where ISPs frequently block access to sites like YouTube following Government orders. Also not every video on YouTube can be watched in every country, mainly because the content owners have allowed access to that video only from certain countries or geographic regions. If you clicked on a YouTube video and instead of video is playing, it shows an error saying “This video is not available in your country” it can be the owner of the video clip who could be limiting access.

Vimeo is the home for high-quality videos and the people who love them.
You should read their guidelines before uploading your video.

Allows users to upload their videos and provides tools for formatting and distributing them.
You can learn about their service more by reading Daily Motion FAQ page.

VideoBam offers free video hosting and sharing. 500MB max file size, Unlimited length.

6. Facebook Videos
You can upload your videos to your Facebook accounts. When you share the video, people ( your friends list ) who use Facebook will be able to view the video. Of course if you like to share the video with everybody, you might need to have a page, viewable publicly. Still there are many people who do not have Facebook account. If you like to show your video on the internet, you should be aware of Facebook videos will be showing only Facebook users.