Skylab Space Travel Photos

SkyLab was America’s first experimental space station. It was designed for long durations. I have created website for Ed Gibson who was at Skylab Space Station in 1973. Then I wanted to take some space theme toy model images for him. First problem I realized, there was quite limited amount miniature astronaut models. Most of them were not detail, more plastic looking. Also it was very hard to find Skylab. I was amazed how little amount toy selection you could find about space programs.  On the other hand many ailes full of barbies, spiderman, iron man, or Star Trek toys, action models you could find. But very a few good toys about space. What a disappointment I had! I think NASA should look into toys section if they want to impress kids in early ages.

I found  a few models within reasonable price ranges. There were some good models on eBay, but they were very pricey! Do not bother look for at Target, Fry’s  or even Finnegan’s Toys & Gifts. Online you might search scale model astronauts or space vehicles, then visit ThunderToyz Toy Shop, they have good selection. You can find only handfull of 1/24 Scale Astronaut models ( Diecast Model ) online. I find out Dragon Models have nice detail Astronaut scale models.

Travel to Space

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Astronaut figures about 1.5″ – 2″
Space vehicles about : 2″ – 5″

I have used 50mm and 100mm Sony Macro lenses for Space Shuttle models, Miniature Astronaut figures with some Photoshop layer effects.

Where to get space model, figure toys?

PDF document Toys in Space

Visit Astronaut Edward Gibson website

More info about Skylab mission visit NASA website