Sun Dried Tomatoes

I grow so many cheery and other tomatoes this year in my garden. So I decided to make sun-dried tomatoes for winter. It is actually fairly simple process.
Since it is Indian summer here in Portland Oregon, I better take advantage of the sunshine.
How to make sun dries tomatoes at home?
You can make it any type of tomatoes. You do not have to grow in your garden too, just buy Roma tomatoes, that will work too.
All you need tomatoes, a large tray, a cheese cloth or any light material to cover the tray and sea salt.
First wash all tomatoes, if you are using small tomatoes like I did, cut them into half, placed into the tray. Then sprinkle sea salt on top.
Put the tray either on your sunny side of your garden, or balcony/deck/patio. Cover the tray with a piece of cloth. Make sure the cloth should not touch the tomatoes. Leave tomateoes to dry. Depends on your location (how hot and sunny days you have) it might take 1-6 days.
Do not forget to bring them inside during the night. Sun dried tomatoes do not like cool weather, evening/morning dew, it will spoil drying process. You can store sun-dried tomatoes in a glass jar or inside a cloth bag.