Thanks for the support

I have learned today I am now cancer free!
I like to say thank you during my illness providing me a good treatment by Rose Quarter Compass Oncology’s nurses, doctors and staff.

Thanks to you all.
Special thanks to;
Dr. Paul Tseng
Dr. William Winter III
Dr. Nico de Wette

Evonne Kandas ( W.H.C.N.P.)
Vanessa Sanne ( FNP-C )

Beth Gress
Gregory Patton
Stacey Grubb
Tracy Webb (PA-C )


I know I was not the easiest patient on the earth. Thanks for replying all my endless questions, putting up with my some brutal jokes, laughing with me when I was putting evil eye sticker around. You guys helped me a lot in this terrible journey. Thank you for that!

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