Torrent sites use simple excuse not to obey laws

They like to hide themselves behind loophole.
They know by saying “we do not keep files in our servers” they can get away with selling illegal downloads to people.

This is the email excuse they send me today.


Thank you for contacting us. We do NOT host files on our servers, so we physically can not delete them. All files, promoted on our web site are containing on filesharing services, and we are only providing search.

All additional information, you can read here:

If there’s anything we could help you, feel free to contact us

Regards, Support Team

If they were doing honest business:
a) They would have a real email address for contacting them not a gmail account .
b) They would have an address to contact them , a real postal address (there is not)
c) They would have a phone number to contact them (there is not)
d) They would allow people find their whois info (they hide carefully)

Basically they hide themselves on the web, selling people subscription of illegal content, they do not have permission to sell any of the books nor softwares nor movie or music pieces.

Torrents sites are getting free ride on the web, because they take advance of weak rules. They know only a few people will try to track them down.

They allow people download from their sites books by doing so they broke copyright laws.
The simple excuse is: “we do not have these books”, fine, you can still not allow these contents on your site then, which is in their control.

By not doing that even though there is complain about it, they are continuing their dirty business.

it is illegal to download copyright books