URL Shorter Services

Using URL Shorter Services to Open Blocked Sites

There are free URL shorter service available to access blocked sites. You just go to those sites and simply type the URL you want to visit. These websites will convert the URL and give you another link of their website to open blocked sites. Copy that link & paste in to your browser to open blocked sites.

Go to access blocked sites via using these URL Shorter Services
TinyURL is a URL shortening service, a web service that provides short aliases for redirection of long URLs.

Take the ugly long URLs all over the web and “snip” them into a snipurl that is short, snippy, secure, memorable, and easy to share

Google URL Shortener
Paste your long URL here: … All goo.gl URLs and click analytics are public and can be accessed by anyone. Shorten, share and track your shortened URLs.

Offers URL redirection service with real-time link tracking.

Changes a big URL into tiny URL.

Ow.ly – Shorten urls, share files and track visits. … Shorten URL


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