Using Animated gif

You can create small size animated banner advertisement for your website or blog.

Many blog websites accept animated gif images for advertisment.

There size usually are

For large banner top or footer

728 by 90px

for sidebar ads commonly used GIF sizes:

300x225px or 125x125px

If you want smooth image based animation with many effects you should not create gif. Because gif support limited colors (256 colors only) and any time adding one layer or frame the size of the file gets very big.

So pay attention these details:

Use gif animation with solid colors. GIFs with large areas of solid color compress very well.

If the animation will contain textures, colorful photos, or graphic effects with lots of color transitions will not compress well.

Photos with many colors will not create smooth gradients and will not compress correctly.

If you are going to use a photo, then make sure use solid background.

Anything larger than 900px size will make big size gif file.

gif colors

Free online gif creators:

This sample gif animation contains 10 frames/layers. Dimensions are 300 by 225 and file size 111KB

webdesign Nur

Creating small size gif animations:

To reduce file size keep pixel dimensions smaller suc as 300px by 225px.

For each frame use similiar colors.

Keep solid background color, white, or black. You can also use transparent.

Use limited colors (do not exceed 256 web safe color chart).  A GIF format is a palette based image format, allowing an image to contain only up to 256 distinct colors.


Be selective and keep in mind GIFs are limited in the respect that each frame is limited to only 256 different colors. An animated GIF contains a number of images/graphics or frames in a single file.

This sample animated gif file contains 5 frames. Dimensions 200×150 Size: 29KB