Using Google Analytics

You can use Google Analytics to see how many people clicking to your website or blog site.Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications. Google Analytics  track sand analyzes the data about how people are getting to your website and what’s performing well.

To use any free Google services such as;
Google Analytics
Webmaster Tools
RSS Feedburner

First you need to create a Google account.
Then log in, or sign up to your Google Account to use any of these services.

For instance to use Google Analytics,  you need to set up your Google Analytics account.
Then you’ll need to implement the code on your website or on your WordPress blog site. The code needs to be in the header section of your website where it defines:

<head> place the code here </<head>.

If you are using a WordPress blog site then add the code to your template or theme. The theme will propagate the code in every post and page you create. You need to place the Google Analytics code into your header of your blog. You can open header.php file and place the code there.

A tracking code will be like this:

Tracking ID

Google Analytics will provide many information about your website visitors. You can learn your visitors’ behavior in your site, where they click, which pages they read more, how long they stay in your site, etc. :

  • Visitors: This shows many things about the people coming to your site, including where they’re located geographically, what language they speak, how often they visit your site and what computers and browsers they use to get there.
  • Traffic Sources: Here you’ll find how people got to your site. You can track which sites link to your page or keywords people search to find you.
  • Content: This tab gives you insight into specific pages on your site. It can help answer questions about how people enter and exit your pages, as well as which ones are most popular.
Google Analytics

On Google Analytics main dashboard, you can see a summary of your website’s data.
You can also customize the dashboard to show whichever reports you decide you want to see upfront.
You can adjust the date range in the upper right-hand corner before analyzing these information from your reports. The default is the a month-long range, you may look at yearly, weekly or day to day report if you wish.

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