Using Google Hangouts

If you have a gmail account (which is free) you can use Google Hangouts. Once you login to your gmail, you can click on hangouts icon on your sidebar to start the hangout.

You may think why do I need to use hangout for? For instance if you hired a web designer to design your site, or hired a graphic designer to create your logo, if you are not in the same location, you can back and forth write a lot of email each other for necessary changes. By using Google Hangouts can save you a lot of time . It is always difficult to describe somebody technical details colors or font features. Making your face-to-face online meetings more engaging will help your business. In this case if you can hangout with your designer, you can share the screen, choose color or show web sites that you like, showing online design details can help your design process to go much faster!

gmail sidebar
gmail sidebar

You can also start hangout from your  Google + account sidebar icon.
Just click on the “Start a Hangout” button: Starting a Hangout is as easy as clicking on the “Start a Hangout” button on the right side of your Google+ profile!

Google+ sidebar
Google+ sidebar

To use the Hangouts feature, you need to install the plugin first.

Google+ Hangouts download the plugin here:

invite hangout
invite hangout

You can also dial the person in by clicking on the “Invite” button and then the “+telephone” link. Calls to the US and Canada are free.

Hangout settings

You can access your hangout settings at any time during a hangout by clicking the gear icon at the top of the hangout window.

To start your hangout, click the green Start a Hangout button on the right column of Google+
A pop-up window appears that has your video in it, where you can start preparing for your hangout.

The pop-up window includes a video that you can use to check to be sure everything is set up correctly. You’ll want to follow these tips before starting:

  • Click Mute Video or Mute Mic at the bottom of the hangout configuration screen if you don’t want others to see you or hear you (or both). Volume and Video Controls: If you work at home or in a busy work space, with the buttons on the right will “mute video” to turn your camera on and off whenever you want.
  • Click Settings (also at the bottom of the hangout configuration screen) if you need to configure your video to pull from a different video source, or choose a different microphone.
  • Pay attention to lighting — Well lit environment will increase quality of your video sharing.

Free video conferencing for up to 10 people

You can invite one person for Google hangouts as well as or up to ten specific people or an entire circle with Google Hangout On Air tool. You can also use screen sharing , Google Docs for file sharing during your hangout.

Hangouts are limited to 10 video conference participants, with no time limit. You can also use Hangouts On Air to broadcast a hangout to many more people, though there is still a limit of 10 active participants.

The Hangouts feature is included with Google+ and provides multi-user video conferencing with coworkers or other Google+ users in your circles. Hangouts provide screen sharing and integrate with Google Docs for collaborative editing.

Google Hangouts Tips

Hangouts work best in a well-lit environment. If you can’t flood the room with light, make sure you set up a light source behind the webcam facing you.

For the best audio, try to broadcast in a quiet, controlled environment. Double-check that there’s nothing blocking your microphone.
Remember there’s a 150 minute check-in to make sure you’re still there.