Using micro clip light

I am totally in love with LED light bulbs. I must admit I am also real fan of having LED flash lights. I do not even know how many of them I have anymore.
If you like taking photos outdoor, sometimes you need more light for close up or macro photography.
I started to use micro LED light, I attached it onto my jacket’s zipper. It is so tiny and handy. If I am taking photos of a flower under cloudy sky which happend a lot in Oregon, LED light can do the trick. it also works well any dark environment to give you enough light to find your way.

micro led

Clip LED Micro Light

Unzip the darkness! Clip a Micro Light to bags or clothing, and you’ll always have light at your fingertips. Only 1.24″ long, this LED light shines in the darkest conditions. Its rugged carabiner clip attaches to bag or clothing zippers, key chains and handles—no worries about lost or misplaced lights. Easy-grip body is made of aerospace-grade aluminum, available in a range of vibrant colors. Ideal for camping, jogging, travel or as an all-purpose emergency light!
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led flash light

Attaches to zippers, key chains, handles and more.
• World’s brightest LED mini light (12 lumens)
• Easy-grip body of anodized, aerospace-grade aluminum
• Carabiner clips securely to bag or clothing zippers
• Includes 4 replaceable LR521 button-cell batteries

micro led light

One thought on “Using micro clip light

  1. I love LEDs as well, I have them in my house for primary lighting as well as flashlights for every day use.