Using Skype and Sharing Screen

When you are away from your client using share screen on Skype makes design process a lot easier.

For online tutorials I use Skype with my clients.  I use Mac and most my clients use PC.
Skype is free to use. Download from the website:

Since Skype works fine in both platform, share screen saves time when describing some technical issues.

To do share screen with somebody, you need to make calls to that person first.

make a call

Then when your buddy accept the calls, you can share your screen with the person.

accept call

To share your screen: ( Skype on Windows )

First make a voice call or video call to the person you want to share your screen with.
Then Once the call has started, click the + button in the call bar and select Show screens.
When a small dialog box that appears, click Start to share your entire screen.

+ sign

Or click on Call navigation button, there select share screen in drop down menu.

share screen

When you want to stop sharing your screen, in the floating call window just click Stop sharing.

For Mac users to share your screen:


Make a call or video call.

make call

Then under the Conversation navigation button choose share screen option.

skype share