Using visual editor on WordPress

Most blogger feel comfortable using visual editor rather than text button on WordPress editor panel. Text button allow users to copy /paste or write their own HTML code in the page. Such as if you are going to embed HTML code , perhaps a Paypal buy now button, then you click on text button, copy and the paste code  there. Versus to Visual button shows editing tools, so even you do not know HTML codes, helps to edit their text . You can select a word and click on letter B icon, which makes the the word bold. You can select a word and click on A icon with a line underneath, then you can choose color of the text.  It is very similar  to any Word processing software ( Microsoft Word, Mac Pages, Open Office , etc.).

Let’s assume you are going to publish a new post or page on your blog and suddenly realized you can not find that the Visual button in the editing view. It can happen sometimes. The possible reason for this due to a browser cache error. How to fix this situation?

Just force reload your web browser. Make sure to let the page load completely before start editing again.

For Windows Users: CTRL + F5
Mac/Apple Users: Command + R
Linux Users: F5

visuale diting


By default dashboard shows 1 set of editing buttons. But be aware that there are actually two rows of editing icons contained within the visual editor. If you only see one set of icon, all you have to do click on toggle view button (if you hover it , it will say show/hide kitchen sink) , you can reach second level editing buttons.

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If you like to learn what those icons represent or do just hover over it with your mouse – a small tooltip will appear describing the icon and its purpose.

Here is the shortcuts for editing tools: