Using Wacom Intuos Tablet

I have been using Wacom tablets more than 5 years now. I quickly adapted in every tablet I bought until now. I bought last week a small Intuos5 touch. It does fit my small desk just fine, and easy to carry around in my laptop bag when I am traveling. Intuos5 does not come with a mouse like my oldder version Intuos4.Now I have to get used to finger gestures. I use the pen a lot but still you have to use the tablet by touching it for many actions. Pen is very similar to mouse, so i have no problem with that. But the gestures sometimes confuses me, because I use MAC. The MAC gestures are slightly different than Wacom, so I have to rethink about what I am touching to do what.
First week it was a bit annoying. I kept grabbing the pen and I used the Apple Magic Mouse just to end my frustration. It does take time to remember evert gesture. I still have tendency of looking for a mouse. However it is comfortable to use a tablet instead of mouse. i also really like the scroll up and down on long web pages with the round wheel as well as moving two fingers smoothly together in parallel.

Touch Gestures

Here’s a list of some of the gestures that work with the Bamboo touch-capable tablets:

  • Navigate – Drag one finger along the tablet’s active area. 
  • Tap to click – Tap with one finger to click. Tap twice to double click.
  • Drag – For a MAC user to drag a window move the cursor to the window that want to drag, then hold with your three fingers and move around the screen
  • 3-fingers

  • Click or Select – Move the cursor to the item you want to click or select, then tap the tablet with one finger. 
  • Double click – Move the cursor to the item you want to click or select, then tap the tablet twice in quick succession. 
  • Three finger selection – Move the cursor to the paragraph you want to select, then move your three fingers up or down to select all text in the page.
  • Right click – Touching the tablet with two fingers placed slightly apart invokes a right click action. This can also be achieved by touching a second finger to the tablet while one finger is already on the tablet. 
  • Forward and Back – Touch two fingers to the tablet and flick left for back, or right for forward. 
  • Scroll – You can scroll by moving two fingers placed slightly apart. Move your two finger up or down to scroll vertically, and left or right to scroll horizontally. To scroll long distances, flick your two fingers quickly, and the document will continue scrolling for a time after you lift your fingers. To stop scrolling at any time, just touch the tablet surface. 
  • Select and Drag – Move the cursor to the item you want to move, then tap to select it, and quickly touch the tablet again and drag the item to where you want it, then lift your finger to release. 
  • Zoom – A pinch and spread gesture lets you zoom in and out. Touching two fingers to the tablet, spread your fingers apart to zoom in, and pinch them together to zoom out. 
  • Rotate – Place two fingers on the tablet and rotate them in the direction you wish to rotate the image.

You can download as pdf from
Wacom website
Wacom Intuos5 touch info website