Using your own graphic as PayPal button

How do you use your graphic as PayPal button on your website or blog?
If you want to use your own image as the Buy Now button, subscribe or donate button, you need to create a graphic first.
Then you need to upload your graphic into your server.
Make sure that check that the path is correct and your graphic file is actually there.
You can type the name of your file view it online, if a browser display correctly then use the link of the image in your PayPal button create area.
For example to create donation button on your site follow these steps:

Using the Button Creation Tool for a Donate Button

To use the button creation tool for a basic Donate button:

  1. Log in to your PayPal Premier or Business account at My Account Overview page opens.
  2. Click on Merchant Services. This option will be found in the primary navigation area. Then Click on Create payment buttons for your website.
    Merchant Services
  3. You can also click under the Selling Preferences heading, click the My Saved Buttons link. The My Saved Buttons page open . In the Related Items box on the right, click the Create new button link. The Create PayPal payment button page opens.
  4. In the Accept payments for dropdown menu, select “Donations.”
  5. (Optional) In the Organization name/service text box, enter the purpose for the donation or the name of your organization. If you do not enter anything in this field, your donors can complete this field during checkout.
  6. Click on Customize your donation options. There you can customize the button with your own button image.
    customize the button
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the Create Button button. There you can view your button code page opens.
  8. Click the Select Code button on the Websites tab to select all of the generated HTML code.
  9. Copy the text that you selected to the clipboard, by:
    • Pressing Ctrl+C.– or –
    • Right-clicking your mouse, and selecting Copy.
  • Then paste the code into your website.
    If you are using WordPress blog site then make sure you switch the view HTML before you paste into your page or post entry.
HTML view