Value of a domain name

How much your domain name worth do you think?
Does it matter to buy same domain name with different extensions; such as .com, .net, .co

When you buy a new domain name pay attention to the length
The length of the domain is important. The shorter the domain is easier to remember.
How many words are in the domain? Meaningful words, simple spelling adds value to the domain name.

The value of a domain will be judge by these factors:
Domain age. The older a domain will be more valuable and of course it will be worth more money.
Domain usability. Short and memorable names are valuable.
Domain content. If the domain content was a rich site, it will worth money.

Basically choose a name that easy to remember and easy to spell, so avoid inserting hyphens, numbers or using misspellings!

A good domain name should consist:
TLD (top level domain) such as .com, .net, .org
Length ( how many letters contains? )
Words (number of)
Memorable and pronounceable
Ease and ambiguity of spelling
Commercial potential

Do not use:
Long names

Usually a domain appraisal website will use an automated technique to determine the value of your domain name. Factors include the domain name’s length, its number of words, its top-level domain name extension (.com, .net, .org, etc.), the presence of numbers or dashes in it, and its keyword popularity.

Here are a few free domain valuation websites:
Instimate & Structured WHOIS
Instant Domain Valuation & Decomposed WHOIS Lookup
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