Vitamin Supplements

To stay strong during the chemo therapy I use these supplements, so far my first round chemo had no side effect, and I feel very energetic.

Vitamin C : 2000mg / daily 1
Vitamin D: 4000Iu – 5000Iu / daily 1
Vitamin B Complex: / daily 1-2 capsules
Fish Oil: 500mg / daily 1
Saltstick® Caps / daily 1 capsule
Iron: 65mg / daily 1
CoQ10: / daily 1
Probiotic / daily 1


I will start using soon these as well:
Melatonin: 3mg before go to sleep
Green Tea Extract: 500mg / daily 1
Modified Citrus Pectin: 8-10gr / daily 1
Alpha-lipoic acid : 900mg / every other day 1
Flax Meal: 1/4 tsp per day / I am not sure about this one though.


I also make sure that I eat 70gr protein every day. I do not consume any sugar, I use Stevia for my herbal teas, green tea and black tea. I do not drink any coffee. I use powder Laxative inside my grape/prune juice every morning. So far everything goes fine.


I use the port now during the chemo and blood test. It is a bit easier for nurses ( they had hard time to find my veins ) and me. When I got the port, 3 days gave me pain but now 3 weeks later, it is fine. I would highly recommend Lidocaine cream, to help numb the skin over your port before you get any injection. I eat every 2 hours small amount meals and every day some veggie soup.