Watermark images by using IrfanView

Do you know you can watermark your images before publishing on the web by using a freeware PC software very easily!

How to watermark images by using IrfanView?

First of all get your free editing program, download and install to your computer.

http://www.irfanview.com Download Irfanview

Installing the program is very easy. You can water mark, add copyright statement to your photos, give border, nice edges, and resize images very easily.
You can also create a photo gallery and thumbnails with a few click!

Step 1

Open an image. File=>Open


Step 2

Hold your left click down on your mouse and draw a rectangular area on the image. This area will have the watermark text in it.


If you don’t like where it is you can Undo the box. Then re draw the area where you want it to be.

Step 3

After that go to the Edit Menu and write it you want to insert text into the text box.


Step 4

In the text box you will see Append Copyright button, if you click on it, you can add © copyright sign. Then type your desired text here.
You can choose font color, size, also if you uncheck Text transparent button , you can give background color to your text area.


Step 5

If you have a website, you can write the address there too.


Step 6

Then you are done with your text, click on OK button.

You can always click on left roundish button (undo) icon on the toolbar to undo your actions.

Result will appear on your image, to save your new watermark image

File File=>Save as

Always give a new name to your file before saving. That way, you will not overwrite on your existing image.

Enjoy watermarking!