Where to get free stock images?

Having a website or a blog site without photos, graphics are boring, everyone knows that.
You need to use graphics or photos to spice up the site. You need to give a breathing room to your visitors especially for long articles.
The photos entertain the viewer, make the articles more interesting to look at.

But what if you have a tight budget?
You can not just copy and paste from any website some photos, it is illegal and most photos are contain copyright protection.
Where do you get free photos for your site then?
You can get it from your hosting company ( if they supply any graphic for free) or from free stock image companies.
1and1.com hosting customers are lucky, when they buy a hosting package from them , they also can use 25.000 images from 1and1.com library.
You can select graphic art drawings, animation graphics or photos from their library.
To do so simply login to your account.


On your dashboard you will see many sections.
Click on next to Website/Applications bold text, more link.


Then click on the Website/Applications box.
free images
Click on Graphic Archive link. A new window will ope, click on accept terms button.
free stock images

Once you accept the button, click on next and choose images from the navigation bar.

What about people who do not use 1and1.com hosting?

Alternatively you can look for free images online:

Those are the websites offer free stock images.

1. publicdomainpictures.net
License: This image is public domain.
You may use this picture for any purpose, including commercial.
If you do use it, please consider linking back to us. If you are going to redistribute this image online, a hyperlink to this particular page is mandatory.

2. public-domain-image.com
Public domain images, pictures, royalty free stock photos. Free public domain images for personal and commercial use.
Please read their FAQ page: http://www.copyright-free-images.com/pages/frequent-questions

3. public-domain-photos.com
5000 Free Stock Photos. All photos on this web site are public domain.

4. photographiclibraries.com
Free Photos Public Domain photographic collections of film footage & video are available for use in the public domain.

More info : http://www.nurweb.biz/using-stock-photos/

You can also purchase stock images for your site that have GPL license.
I use mightydeals.com website, they always offer great deals on photos, software, themes, etc.