Why choose responsive design for a website?

Is that a buzz word having a responsive site or is it necessity?
As a designer I am in favor of responsive design websites. Mobile and tablet user numbers increasing every day. You never know if your visitors are looking at your website from his small laptop, tablet or cell phone. Websites designed for desktops loosing ground against responsive sites. In a large screen your websites might look stunning with slideshows and all flash animations etc. But same website if you look at on a iPad or mobile phone will disappoint you immediately. It is a wise choice to use responsive website design to keep your visitors coming back to your site.
The question is what does responsive design actually? It gives you flexibilities. You no longer worry about what device or browser your site visitor using.

Responsive Design Features
With a responsive design your website will resize to work across multiple platforms including computers, laptops, iPads, iPhones, tablets, smartphones, and others.

You can use free responsive WordPress themes or paid versions.
I suggest for free WordPress themes:

If you have a responsive blog website you might also add eye-catching slideshows, photo galleries with jQuery codes.
With jQuery you might have fast loading prettyphoto lightbox, contact forms, sortable portfolio, and many more features to jazz up your blog.

Adding CSS plugins to your blog will also enhance your text.
Here is a few plug in for WordPress blog I would recommend.

  1. Lizatom http://lizatom.com/wordpress-plugin/lizatom-shortcodes/
  2. Max buttons http://maxbuttons.com/shop/colorful-icons/
  3. WP CSS button http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-css-button/
  4. Button Styles http://themes.simplethemes.com/skeleton/button-styles