Why you need a WordPress blog site?

If you want to control over your content of your website without learning any programming language, nor buying a software (Web design and HTML software) such as (FrontPage, Rapidweaver, Dreamweaver, CoffeeCup etc.), you can create your website with free WordPress blog platform. You can also hire a designer, set up the site for you adjust the template for your needs, then all you have to do , put your own content, update and edit your pages. If you have an HTML website, started to get too many pages, hard to maintain the pages, you need to move to a blog platform for your content management.

What do you need for WordPress site?

• A domain name
• A hosting package, which supports PHP5 (customized WordPress blogs works best in self-hosted area; therefore  the domain will show your blog only)
•  A MySQL database in the hosting for your blog
•  FTP account to upload the site.

and patient to learn WordPress control panel.

Advantages of using WordPress site:

•This is a WP (WordPress) blog website, you may choose any template from wordpress.org website, and adjust CSS style. Such as background color, font, banner, page border, etc.
• You can easy to navigate in the site for hundreds of pages.
• You can customize banner graphics and ads.
• You can customize header (.
• You can have many plug ins, widgets will add many functionality to the site.
• You add Social network buttons (if you have Facebook, Twitter, Google+ account)
• You add RSS feed button.
• You add site Search button.
• Easy to add a page, or remove or update.
• You can get comments from your visitors.

What is a WordPress blog?

WP Blog is a well-architectured personal publishing system built on PHP and MySQL and licensed under the GPL. WordPress is publishing software with a focus on ease of use, speed and full of functionality. Since it is an open source software, totally free.
WordPress uses templates to generate the pages dynamically. You can control the presentation of content by editing the templates using the Template Editor tool.
You have the total control of your content as well as comments. You can moderate all comments before they appear on your blog.