Winter Black Tea with orange and cloves

Are you the person anytime you feel sore throat, runny nose, feeling weak grabbing some pills?

For simple cold I prefer using herbal solutions. Nothing like  having hot tea, you will feel better soon.

If I do not feel well, then I make this tea, it is great during the winter season.

Hot Orange Clove Tea

For 2 cups of tea:
2 cups boiled water
12 pieces whole cloves
2 tbsp loose black tea (Use either Turkish tea or Ceylon tea, do not use teabag!)
1 small orange peel ( freshly peeled )
2 tsp honey

winter tea

Use a small porcelain teapot.
Boil two cups of water and fill the tea pot.
Add orange peels, cloves and loose tea.
Let the mixture steep for about 5 minutes for a weaker-flavored brew and up to 10 minutes for a strongly-flavored brew.
Cover the teapot with a thick towel, so it does not get cold. Use a strainer when you are filling the cups. Sweeten the tea with honey.

brewing tea

You will feel better soon, enjoy the aroma!