WordPress Blog Themes

Using WordPress blog sites with customized themes

If you have a WordPress blog site and self-hosted, (which means you have php supported hosting package) you can;

– Upload any themes
– Upload several plugins
– You will have complete control to change code if you know editing PHP codes
However you will be also in charge of security and updates!
Your hosting company does not necessarily back up your files. Which means, you or your web designer should make backup your files ( mySQL database and “via FTP” the content ( uploaded images, videos, pdf files etc.)
You are also responsible for stopping spam ( always use CAPTCHA )
You should upgrade the WordPress software when a new version comes out
* Always pay attention theme limitations and permissions. Most of themes are free for personal usage. On the other hand, some free themes contain links, and you are not authorized to remove it. Some has free advertisements. And if you are purchasing a template license (a commercial WordPress theme) you may remove the credit link from a template and use it for a personal or commercial project without limitations. Always read the theme license, what you are entitle to before using it.

WP blog layout

What is the advantage of using free themes from wordpress.org website?

  • You can download  free themes (there are hundreds of them on the web) which you can modify and edit the CSS, freely customize the theme. For instance you may change background color, font type,  banner image, add your logo etc.
  • If you know programming, you can modify the PHP code behind your blog.
  • You can upload plugins that will fit your needs.
right sidebar

You can choose how many columns you want for your blog.

  1. One Column
  2. Two Columns
  3. Three Columns
  4. Four Columns

You can choose where do you want sidebar or no sidebar option.

left sidebar
  1. Left Sidebar
  2. Right Sidebar
  3. No Sidebar
2 columns layout

You can choose how many the width of your blog site.

  1. Fixed Width (such as; 800px, 900px, 960px, 1024px)
  2. Flexible Width (90% or 100% ) fluid CSS, fits better browsers and mobile devices

You can choose with banner or just with header (website name as title with a tagline)

  1. Custom Header as color background and text
  2. Custom Header with banner (a graphic image or photo with header)