Yumberry Fruit – Myrica rubra

The first time I ate yumberry, I was in Izmir, Kemaralti years ago. It was a sunny day, me and my friend Bahar bought some Philosophy books from the bookstore, we were walking around Kemeralti. There was an old man who was selling on top a piece of newspaper some spiky globes, pinkish red fruits. I had no idea what they were. Bahar insist to get some, she told me they were called wild strawberries. I bought a small paper cone full of this bitter-sweet fruits. She bought it and ate them all before we arrived the bus stop. I still had bunch of it, so I folded the paper cone, put the fruits in my bag which was packed with my books. All great philosophy books. The history of western philosophy, Metaphysic, Aristotle’s Ethic, Bertrand Russell’s books. I was happy and eager to read them all. Until I arrive my parent’s home, I kept my happy spirit. Then I opened my bag and screamed with a horror! The bus was crowded, my paper cone fruit bag was smashed all over my brand new expensive books! One of the Bertrand Russell’s book was in pitiful shape. There was no way I was going to ask more money from mom to buy books. I was so angry at myself. How acted so carelessness! Now my book pages stucked each other. With a piece of cloth I tried to clean the book pages, there was a lot of damage but I had to sucked it up. It was my mistake, I had to think better. All my university years I had to read those books many times, re-read, quoto, understand and look at yellowish, red staines in those pages. If I had ability to hate a type of fruit this would be it! I did not of course, I did not even know the true name of these fruits.
My mom called the fruit Komerika, I think old guy said it is called Komerika too. But that was back in 1988. I may not remember correctly.
I know in some local bazaar they were selling as wild-strawberries. I guess in my mind that fruit was Komerika, which you should not smear into any books, it is impossible to separate those pages later! Should I hate these fruits?


How can you hate a fruit? It was not the fruits fault they they got smashed in my bag. As a result wherever I traveled if saw that fruit I stared a few minutes, remembered the event.

Years later when I moved Portland, I saw these fruits in Japanese garden and Chinese garden. Then later in front of my building! Someone (the gardener I guess) planted this bush like trees. They were bloomed and fruits came out during summer. So I took photos of it. I did not eat them though. It is juicy, and carry slightly s0ur-sweet taste.

About Yumberry:
Yumberries (Myrica rubra, also called yangmei) native plants to China. There are over 100 varieties of Yumberry, ranging in color from white to purple. The most common color is a bright red. Yumberry trees reach about 15 to 30 feet high and the fruits ripen in the months of June and July.
Other Names: In Turkish: Dağ çileği or komerika, yamamomo (Japanese: yamamomo, or katakana; literally, “mountain peach”), Chinese Bayberry, Japanese Bayberry, Red Bayberry, Yumberry, Waxberry, or Chinese strawberry tree. Yumberries are a subtropical trees. Their edible fruits are sweet, savory, colors vary to crimson to dark purple-red.
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